Dear Mrs Bird Arrives in North America

I've been a bit quiet of late on the News page as I've been whizzing around the UK promoting Dear Mrs Bird. Now though, I am home in the absolutely sweltering south of England and other than one or two lovely events in July, I am now concentrating on writing Book 2. I'm really excited about it as it's the sequel to Dear Mrs Bird, but that isn't the news for today. Oh no!

The big and most brilliant news is that that today, is Dear Mrs Bird's publication day in the USA and Canada. Yayy!!!

Not only is this a dream come true, but as you can see from the photos below, Dear Mrs Bird looks absolutely glorious in her US and Canadian jacket.

I love it!

Hopefully you'll be seeing and hearing lots about the book over the summer months. I'm thrilled to bits that Dear Mrs Bird is part of Barnes and Noble's Discover Great New Writers Summer Selection, and have made it an Editors' Pick as one of their Best Books out in July. And I'm hugely grateful to US librarians who have been lovely enough to vote it as one of their Top Ten Books Published in July on LibraryReads.


So, MASSIVE thanks to everyone who has reviewed, ordered, stocked, told family and friends and spread the word about my little book. The brilliant teams at Scribner in the US and Simon & Schuster in Canada are working their socks off to make sure Dear Mrs Bird is all over North America, and I would love to see any photos of it in an actual, real live bookshop! Do please share online if you see it. I'm @ajpearcewrites on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and will be looking out for evidence that a dream really has come true!


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